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Investment Project: Technical Study

Investment Project: Technical Study

If you have in mind to carry out an investment project, or want to know what is needed to do it, Funway Resort student residence briefly explains the main steps you should take after the market study.

In order to carry out an investment project, a series of steps and a protocol have to be followed. Mainly studies of variables have to be done that affect the feasibility and profitability of the project.

For the project to be a success, the technical study has to be implemented.

What is the Technical Study?

It is a study that is carried out once the market study is completed, which allows to obtain the basis for the financial calculation and the economic evaluation of a project to be carried out. The investment project must show in its technical study all the ways that a product or service can be elaborated, that for this it is necessary to specify its elaboration process. Determined your process can determine the necessary amount of machinery, production equipment and skilled labor. It also identifies suppliers and creditors of raw materials and tools to help achieve the development of the product or service, as well as creating a strategic plan that will pave the way forward and the capacity of the process to meet the estimated demand in planning. With the above determined, we can perform a cost structure of the assets mentioned.

What is the technical study?

In short, the technical study is simply an analysis of the production process of a product or service for the realization of an investment project.

It can be said that it consists in solving questions concerning where, when, how, how and with what to produce what is desired, so that the technical operational aspect of a project includes everything that has to do with the operation and operation of the project. Own Project

Components of the technical study

Different authors propose in different ways the essential components that make up the technical study of an investment project. Below is the basic structure of which is composed a technical study

Analysis and determination of the optimal location of the project

Analysis and determination of the optimum size of the project

Analysis of the availability and cost of supplies and inputs

Identification and description of the process

Determination of the human and legal organization required for the correct operation of the project.

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