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Recirculating MIRs

Recirculating MIRs

Did you know that only 24% of recirculating MIRs exceed 5 years of experience?

Funway Resort has had access to the results of the study conducted by CTO Group and this reveals that 66 percent of the candidates prepare while working.

Only 24% of ‘recirculating’ MIRs exceed five years of experience. A survey by the CTO Group reveals that 75.71 percent of the students who prepare the entrance examination for specialized health training as ‘recirculants’ have completed their previous specialization less than five years ago.

Hence, only 24.29 percent have completed their residency in a longer period of time.

Origin of recirculating MIRs

However, in both cases the majority (47.22 percent) comes from Family and Community Medicine, compared to 30.56 percent who are from medical disciplines, as well as 12.5 percent from surgical and 9.72 percent of central services.

Regarding the desired professional destinations, 43.66 percent want a place in a medical specialty, while the remaining 42.25 percent opt ​​for a surgical doctor, 26.76 percent for central services and only 5 , 63 percent for Family Medicine.

Of the total, 66.2 percent are working while preparing the MIR, so that 29.17 percent of those interviewed admit that they only have four to six hours a day to study. A rate that drops to 27.78 percent for those who spend between two and four hours of training, 22.22 percent for those who have six to eight hours and, finally, 20.83 percent for those who exceed Eight hours of study per day.

Curiously, no candidate devotes less than two hours a day to their preparation.

An ‘ad hoc’

If we look closely we find differences in the preparation of a ‘recirculant’ versus a new candidate. One of the most obvious is that two-thirds of the opponents with a specialty are working, “so they do not have the time of study of the majority of the students who present themselves to the MIR for the first time.”

Hence these students “need an adequate study time, relying on the advantage of a relatively recent MIR and therefore already known”.

Despite previous experience, aspirants seek support “fundamentally in the more theoretical aspects.

The peers who are looking for their second specialty have a wonderful clinical experience, very positive for the current orientation of the MIR, but subjects such as statistics and epidemiology are, at times, the Achilles heel of these students.

The director also states that “if students are not confident, study properly and can allocate the necessary time” they will be able to obtain a higher order number than previously obtained.

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