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university with more than 55 years

Enroll in the university with more than 55 years

Begin to study a university career at a later age with something like that more common in our faculties, not only in specific centers called “university for adults” but in universities of all kinds. The profile of these students has many similarities: retired and pre-retired with concerns and desire to face new challenges.

Motivations to study a university career with more than 55 years

Enjoy an opportunity you could not have in your day

In the old days, it was very normal for young people to start working at a very young age, everything that happened before, families formed very early and they started to work in a more pragmatic way. The social needs were different and the unskilled labor was very necessary, so those who could not have the opportunity to study a career could need the registration in a university.

End of machism

Many of the women who were born in the mid-twentieth century could not study due to the machismo that prevailed at that time, women were due to their families, except in exceptional cases, so it is not surprising that we see more and more women enrolled in the university.

Search for knowledge

When retiring many retirees decide to spend their time in many ways, traveling, playing petanque, letters, or enrolling in a university to study something passionately, without any job pretension, just with the pleasure of learning something that you had always attracted.

Surround yourself with youth

Needless to say, age is not what you put your identity card, the real age is carried inside, so there are many people who enroll in college at adult ages to continue feeling young and know better the world they like surrounds.







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