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Qualities valued by companies

Qualities valued by companies when hiring

Studying a career does not assure you that you will have a secure contracting, the university is not an employment office, and for many outstanding ones that you have taken out and however well you know the lesson, companies look for something more than excellent qualifications at the time to hire. They look for qualities valued

Values ​​appreciated by contractors

Adaptation to a team

No one wants to hire someone if they know they are not able to join a team and be part of it. The most important thing for a company is the harmony among its employees, here it is usually looking for affable people, with some sense of humor and sociable, that does not mean that you have to be the best public relations in the world, but be someone simple with the capacity to coexist helps a lot.


It is easy to describe a person simply to know what their concerns are, if he likes to travel, sports, languages, if he likes the arts, someone is an interesting person with the ability to surprise us always

Degree of responsibility

The degree of responsibility within a structure is very important for a company, without falling into corporatism, but we must demonstrate a certain degree of emotional involvement. A company seeks something more than someone who is limited to perform their work strictly, that’s why creativity and pro activity are highly valued.


Without this point none of the above make sense, is the first and most important, the degree of knowledge or the possibility of acquiring it is essential when hiring staff.


It does not necessarily have to be broad in a certain sector, many times, and especially for the new professions, previous experiences are valued, including failures. Someone with experiences, even in another sector, will always be more valued.


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