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Official University Master or Non Official Master

Do you know the difference between official master and private master?

With all changes in study programs and the adaptation of Spanish university studies to the European plan, has emerged a new title known as the Official University Master.

There are different types of master. Today from Funway we explain in what consists and the differences between them.

Nowadays studying a Master is something highly valued by companies. A few years ago there were only in Spain the masters taught by business schools and universities. Currently there are two different types of programs: Official University Master and unofficial private master.

As you already know a master is a course of specialization that is made of a certain subject, always directed to students who already have a university degree.

Official University Master

This type of specialization course is regulated by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation, which are under the Ministry of Interior and are approved by the European Higher Education Area.

Master is usually more targeted to people who want to dedicate themselves to increase their knowledge and skills. Students are eligible for scholarships set by the Ministry of Education.

Teachers that impart it must be compulsory university. This master has a minimum duration of 60 European credits and maximum of 120.

Private or Non-Official Master

Unlike the official this type of master is regulated by the university that imparts it and usually has a minimum duration of 50 credits.

This master is taught by university teachers and different experts from other fields. They have scholarship programs and grants because they are not established by the Ministry of Education.

The university or business school itself is responsible for setting the type of funding and help they want to establish. The price is different from the Official Master, since this is always imposed by the center that imparts it.

But actually, the most remarkable difference between one and another is the degree that is achieved. The qualification of the private master doesn´t serve to exercise a doctorate or for specific professions.

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