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Have you finished a university degree and are you planning to do a doctorate?

Today from Funway we explain the meaning of doctorate and what it serves for.

There are many who finish college and don’t know where to start. Some decide to begin their first career in the labor market, others decide to make competitions, some others prefer to do a Master or postgraduate program and there are those who choose for a doctorate.

If you want to obtain an expertise in a particular matter then your best option is a doctorate.

Things to Know About doctorate.

The doctorate consists of elaborating a very exhaustive work of investigation on a specific subject, a doctoral thesis. It is considered apt to make a doctorate all those who have an official university degree and a master.

The first thing is to know about what you want to do your thesis or research paper. Keep in mind that the university will establish a control procedure for the choice of topic. Choose your tutor and get to work.

According to recent research the duration of a doctorate ranges from 3 years full time to defend the thesis and 5 years to part time. Once completed you will have to submit it to the doctoral commission.

The court that will evaluate your thesis will be formed by members with doctor’s degree and a long research experience. The notes of the doctoral thesis are classified as not apt, approved, remarkable and outstanding.

Once you approve the thesis you will be considered a doctor, the title will be issued by the rector of the university where the thesis was approved.

The way in the labor market of doctors is usually at the university or research within the business field. There are numerous options for doctorate: Doctor of Engineering, Mathematical Doctor, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Business Sciences …


So you know, if you want to get your Doctor degree, this is the path that you will have to follow. Are you ready?


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