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¿Are you thinking about studying a MBA?

Did you know that Spain is one of the best destination If you want to study a MBA?

The acronym MBA, refers to Master of Business Administration. It´s the best-known master program at an international level. This type of master was born in the American Universities and it was extended all over the world.

It´s for all those people who want to specialize in business.

The MBA consists of different knowledge. Accounting, economics, marketing, finance … The purpose of an MBA is to equip all those with management skills needed to run a company.

MBA candidate profiles

Not everyone can do a MBA. Colleges or business schools will determine if you are eligible as a candidate. The admission process will depend on each school, usually you will have to write essays, get letters of recommendation and letters of motivation. And they will check if you are ready to do a MBA. According to recent studies, Spain is one of the best destinations when it comes to studying an MBA. The prestige of business schools in Spain is incredible.

Ranking of business schools

Three of the best business schools in Europe are Spanish. One of them is ESADE (Escuela superior en administración y dirección de empresas), other very important is IESE (Instituto de estudios superiores de las empresas). Finally IE (Instituto de Empresa).

In addition to these three business schools, there are many more with great international projection. Schools like IEDE, ESIC, EAE, FUNDESEM … are among the most known rankings.

Students from all over the world decide to come to Spain to study an MBA. And is that once finished this type of master, the salary usually increases by 40%.

The economic aspect when making an MBA is also decisive. The cost of this type of master is quite high. There are programs with prices ranging from € 6000 to € 120,000. Reputation, professional outlets and international focus will make it more expensive.

So if you decide for an MBA these are the best schools where you can do it in Spain.

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