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Do you know what postgraduate programs or specialization courses consist of?

Postgraduate programs

Postgraduate courses or specialization courses are a good option to complement your studies. For those who don´t know yet what these type of courses consist, from Funway we explain their meaning.

A postgraduate is designed to offer a more specific training of a specific subject. These courses are programs in a short term, six months approximately.

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate courses are increasingly being demanded among university students. Not only students consider graduating after finishing their studies, there are more and more workers who decide to study a postgraduate program to find a new job or to reinvent their professional career.

The duration of a postgraduate course is lower than a master, normally doesn’t exceed 150 teaching hours equivalent to 15 credits. It´s very comfortable for its flexibility. And most of the time, if you finish the course of specialization and want to continue expanding the training you can continue the program turning it into a master.

There are numerous options for graduate programs. If you aren´t working you can do it face-to-face. You also have the option of doing it semi-presential or if you are working, online.

These higher programs are usually customized and flexible. These courses are adapted to the most demanded skills of companies and are usually of clear technical orientation.

Normally postgraduate courses have a job exchange and give you the possibility to make a practical agreement. Numerous universities in Madrid and prestigious business schools have postgraduate programs. There are differents types os posgraduate courses: Postgraduate Marketing, HR, Finance, Commerce, Sales …

Students of postgraduate or higher education programs will acquire not only a specialization in the chosen area but also capacity of management and control of the technologies.

The price will depend on the prestige of the university or school of business chosen. Normally it oscillates around 3000 euros. There are scholarships or discounts for prompt payment and payment facilities.

So, students or workers in Madrid, from Funway we encourage you to continue training.


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