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Do you want to prepare a competition and don’t know how to start?

Today from Funway we would like to explain you what the competitions consist and give you some tricks to approve at first.


The first thing to keep in mind is to ask yourself what you want to dedicate your whole life. It’s not worthy that you prepare competitions about something that you really don´t like. Think you’re going to work on it all your life.


Depending on your level of studies you could introduce yourself to one or the other. There are three groups differentiated by level of education: Group A (with university degree), Group B (higher technical qualification) and Group C (high school or secondary education).

Once you have decided on one, look for a teacher. It´s very important to find a good trainer to help you understand and prepare for the exam.


Organization and planning

Organize your time and plan your work, it’s essential. Distribute the agenda to study along the weeks or even months. In this way you´ll know how many daily subjects you’ll have to memorize to arrive with the whole syllabus learned to the exam. Strive to fulfill your planning.



Remove from your daily routine all those things that can distract you. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and focus on what you are doing. It ´s sure to increase your productivity.


Use all your willpower and be constant.

A competition can take you months or even years. That’s why you should be prepared. I will not tell you that the way will be easy because I would cheat you, but surely the effort will be worthy. Persistence is very important. You’ll have to study when others have fun.


The day of the exam

Try to master the nerves as much as you can. After all the time you have dedicated the agenda you know perfect. The night before, try to avoid stimulating drinks, sleep your hours, and don’t fatigue the mind with reviews that no longer serve you.


So if you are one of those that you see fit to start this adventure, from Funway we encourage you to do it. Surely the reward you get will be incredible.


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