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Would you like to performance studying and don´t know how to do it?

Students of a grade, MBA, EMBA, or any kind of master, today from Funway we give you some techniques that will help you to improve and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

The first thing you have to consider to achieve better results will be the Organization. Give priority to the tasks which will be deciding you’re going to do first. Write down on paper the time you devote to study and make a study schedule. Divide the issues shall assign you to study day and get to it.

Understand what you’re studying

Study of memory is not recommended. The best thing to never forget what you study is to understand everything. Our advice, make a scheme, highlights and understands what you study. You could have an overview of the whole subject and will be easier to study.

Eat what your body needs

In case you didn´t know there are some foods that benefit when studying. Foods rich in omega 3 and 6 are excellent antioxidants for the brain. These foods will help to improve memory. The candies will give you energy and activity and will help you concentrate. The juices also have many vitamins. 100% recommended.

Do you study at night?

It has been shown that our memory before sleeping is able to assimilate more information. At night the knowledge focus more on your head than at other times of day.

Write while you study

Underline and make schemes is the best way to memorize something and do not forget it. It will help you concentrate, will fix content and understand what you study. 

Sleep your hours

To perform in optimal conditions you have to rest the recommended hours of sleep. It´ll help you manage stress and promote your ability to concentrate.

And finally do exercise

Search time to do exercise. You´ll eliminate stress, will stimulate brain activity and give you the energy you´ll need for your study day.


Good to everyone. Sure the next tests will be successful.


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