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You can´t imagine all the time we miss when doing things that don´t really benefit us and we could use it for things that really matter. If we eliminate everything that doesn´t bring us any value, then we would be more productive.

Tips to improve your PRODUCTIVITY

Today from Funway we would like to give you some tips to improve your PRODUCTIVITY

Eliminate everything that really brings you nothing

Many times we do things because that seem to give us some prestige enhancing our ego. Don´t do things just because they make you look interesting, if it doesn´t add any value, it´s a waste of time. Can you imagine all the time you could save?

Don´t say YES if you want to say NO

This happens many times. Most of us never say no to not seem rude. It´s clear that we must help but as long as we have time to finish our scheduled work. You can´t imagine the time you save and the pressure you take away.

Don´t do things because you’ve always done

In lifetime we have been doing things that just do not bring us anything. Stop and think if you really like. If that kind of theatre that could not miss on Wednesdays you don´t like, leave and focus on those new things that you really matter.

Don´t leave for tomorrow what you can do today

And this saying is absolutely true. Complete all the tasks you had planned for today. They say that successful people don´t leave for tomorrow what they can do today.

Organize a day and get better results

If you organize well you get to meet all your goals. A person who is organized is highly effective. The disorder causes us to lose time. Don´t beat yourself or think about what you’ve been unproductive. Once you organize, you’ll see how much you can get.

Plan your day the night before

Take 10 or 15 minutes to plan your day the night before. You can´t imagine the benefits you will have. When planning your day, you’ll wake up ready to know that you should do exactly.

We hope our tips are useful for you. We are sure if you do it you´ll increase your productivity.


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