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What do you prefer? on line or full time master?

What do you prefer? on line or full time master?

Given the financial and economical crisis the situation becomes very difficult so that we find ourselves deciding to study a master is an important point to take into account. Years ago the only possibility that existed was the one to realize a full time masters.

Today from Funway we tell you the benefits of doing a master online or full time master. Which prefer?

Advantages of doing a full master

There are many benefits of doing a full time master. One of them is the interaction that is achieved with teachers. By spending many hours with them the relationship between teacher and student is much greater.

The network of contacts (Networking is also many more to make a full time master. They increase the possibilities of business even of possible partners.

In the face-to-face master the students must attend class, it is mandatory to be able to obtain the degree. The interaction of students make them learn in a collective, communication is face to face. Continue reading “What do you prefer? on line or full time master?”