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Admission tests of a master

Don´t you know what the tests of request of a master consist?

If you are going to do a master one of the things that you have to take into account are access tests. Depending on the type of master or the university or business school you choose the tests will be totally different.

Today from Funway we explained some of the different requirements that you must meet to access a master.

Admissions tests for master programs

Specific test of the subject of the program

Usually, there are questionnaires or tests to know what level of knowledge the student has about the subject of the program he or she is going to carry out. Admissions members will be the ones who decide if you are apt or not able to complete the master.

Test of achievement or professional skills

Most perform tests to assess the candidate’s skills or competencies required for the master and the attainments of attitude and ability of the candidate.

Proof of English proficiency

In some master part of the subject or all is taught in English, that is why some business schools the student will have to perform a level test. The objective of this test will be to evaluate the level of English of the candidate.

Personal Interviews with Admissions Members

Usually the candidate will conduct a personal interview with the program director. Knowing the candidate will be essential to know if you have decided on the appropriate master. In this way, the director will be able to contrast the data presented in the admission application, academic and professional trajectory.

Motivation letter

Most of the time vacancies of any type of master are limited. One of the ways that the board of admission to choose the right candidate is by making a personal letter. The candidate will have to make a writing explaining the reasons why they chose that program and that business school.

Letter of recommendation

It is another of the things that usually ask when accepting you in a certain program. Try to gather the best academic or professional references you can. Always choose the most recent ones.

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