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Final exams

Tips for controlling nerves in final exams

The year is almost over, your summer is on the table, you are behind, you do not want to suspend, you can not sleep, it’s three in the morning and you dream about the subjects. Do not worry something very normal is happening to you, you are stressed. Today we’re going to give you some tips so you can control those nerves.

Tips to control stress at the end of the course


Don´t study alone, look for a partner at least, make a team, do not isolate yourself. It will help you to concentrate and not deviate from the ultimate goal, which is to study. In the group you will find the strength and the will that you will not find being alone. It’s easier to start studying if you have your friends studying.

Make yourself a schedule

Grab a pen and a paper, make a schedule of how to spend the day, hang it in a visible place in your room and complete it. You will see that little by little, and if you respect it, your nerves will go out and your concentration in your studies will grow. Remember someone concentrated does not have stress. You will see that it is not so difficult.


This section is closely linked to the previous one. Once the plan and schedule have been drawn up, complete it, and if you meet it, reward yourself. Also do not reward yourself with ten days of vacation, but do it with small rewards, an ice cream can know the best of the delicacies if it is the reward of a whole afternoon studying.


Don´t do the beast, because it is not worth much, do not try to enter days of 25 hours of study because the day is only 24. It is worthless to be tired, sitting at a table having to read the same sentence three times to understand something . Sleep 8 hours a day, eat healthy, sleep 10 minutes of nap, study in the mornings, roast yourself, do not go out on parties, it is not the time, and practice some sport at the end of the day, you’ll get a better sleep.

Do not forget that you are a human being with your needs, you are not a machine.


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