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Study Psicology

Study Psicology

Studying Psychology we can say that it is one of the most attractive options when it comes time to consider what university studies to pursue.

It is something that can be easily verified by seeing that, year after year, the Psychology degree is one of the most demanded year after year.

From Funway Resort Student Residence of Madrid we will answer some questions you should ask yourself before deciding to study Psychology.

Many people like to read about it, but maybe they just do not feel comfortable thinking about practicing as psychologists. In other cases, the vocation is clear and completing the career is considered as the means to achieve accreditation as a specialist.

Why study Psychology? Do I want to be a psychologist?

The first thing to ask yourself, why do you want to study Psychology? Is it because of what this career really offers, or because of aspects that are not very related to the university that you associate in an irrational way with this type of studies?

To solve why you want to study Psychology, you will have to think about your motivations and reasons. If you want to decide to start some studies and still have doubts about whether to study Psychology or choose another option, here are reasons to motivate (or maybe not) to take your path in the science of behavior and mental processes.

How long will it take me to be a psychologist?

The Psychology degree usually has an academic duration of between four and five years. However, each person has a different rhythm and it is possible that, depending on your motivation, abilities and available time, you will be able to finish it in less time, or that you will have an extra year to complete and receive your diploma.

Studying Psychology requires dedication: how much time can you devote to it?

What are the outputs of the Psychology career?

People outside of Psychology usually conceive the profession of Psychology as strictly related to the clinical psychologist or the psychoanalyst, performing therapy to patients lying on the couch. You have to know that the professional areas of the psychologist are not limited to this, but also include the performance in organizations (as a manager of human resources, for example), social psychology, research, psychology specializing in some disorder or characteristic particular, teaching … Therefore, if you start studying Psychology, you should know that the possible outputs are numerous.

Recommended reading of Psychology:

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If you want to go deeper into some of the work fields of Psychology, here I leave some links so you can draw your own conclusions about each and you are shaping your professional future.

“What is Social Psychology?”

“Educational Psychology: definition, concepts and theories”

“What is Sports Psychology?”

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“The role of Psychology in emergencies and disasters”

“Criminal psychology and forensic psychology: similarities and differences”

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