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University residence: Advantages of Life

University residence: Advantages of Life

Living in a University Residence has many advantages. We could compare life in the University Residence with other accommodation options. But that is not our goal, all comparisons are odious.

Today at Funway Resort University Residence in Madrid we talk about the advantages of living in a residential environment.

Share space with more students, have a large list of services at your disposal. And if as is our case you have the Campus just a few hundred meters the advantages multiply.

Advantages of life in the University Residence

If you have chosen to live in a University Residence, you must know that you have chosen well. And from this good decision we are going to focus on the advantages of living with us. The life in a residence is advantageous for the student, for many and diverse reasons. Those who choose our Funway Resort University Residence and study at one of the nearby campuses, will have a first great advantage. The proximity to the place where they are going to study. But there are many more …

– You start to create your network of contacts

Keep in mind that the University Residence offers some very interesting activities. Such as round tables, talks or debates. In these activities the participation of experts and professionals, invite to expand the range of contacts. Do not doubt it begins to weave that network from the first year of University.

– Better academic results

The University Residence is full of people like you, students. Due to the proximity of the different faculties it is very easy for them to study the same as you. Some will go to more advanced courses, others will be starting. You will have direct contact with them, you can share doubts and discoveries. In the University Residence, teamwork is encouraged. The academic results are better in the population of the university residences

– Of course there is time for more than studying

Of course because not everything is to study and study. You will find moments to do sports, to talk with people who even come from other countries. Among all the companions of the University Residence you will find friends of those who will accompany you all your life. Friendships forged in group living. Everything is going to help you in a process that you have to complete by yourself. To mature, take responsibility and grow as a person.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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