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The 10 Best University Residences in the World

The 10 Best University Residences in the World

The University Residences are the best option for anyone who moves out of their home at the time of beginning a new stage in their higher education.

If you wonder what the best University Residences in the world may be, we have the answer! Find out below.


At Funway Resort University Residence we tell you about it!

Top 10

1) University Residence Funway Resort, (Madrid)

In a privileged environment almost in the center of Madrid stands Funway Resort. Library, Gym, Common Room, Pools, Solarium and much more in a luxurious environment.

2) Tietgenkollegiet University Residence, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Known as “the residence of the future”, it is the ideal home for those who decide to study in Denmark. With space for 400 students this university community of 7 floors was built in 2005

3) University Residence Chapter Living – Spitalfields, London (United Kingdom)

In the heart of London, surrounded by cultural and artistic spaces Chapter Living is the dream of those looking to study in the UK.

4) University Residence Casa dell’Accademia, Mendrisio (Switzerland)

With the spectacular views of the Swiss Alps around it is shaped by perfectly symmetrical buildings, which resemble a luxury hotel.

5) Cité a Docks University Residence, Le Havre (France)

Manufactured entirely with freight containers, it is home to 100 university students who enjoy the benefits of studying in France.

6) University Residence Spacebox, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Another great architectural design, bathed in bright colors that stand out from the distance, Spacebok is located on the same campus of the University of Utrecht.

7) Residencia Universitaria Basket Apartments, Paris (France)

A short distance from the center of Paris, these apartments will provoke the envy of anyone for its design and amenities.

8) Paris Gardens University Residence, London (United Kingdom)

Ever dreamed of seeing the London Eye every morning? In Paris Gardens this really can happen, because from your terrace you could see

9) Simmons Hall University Residence – MIT, Cambridge (United States)

Whoever said residences are boring did not know Simmons Hall. Its gambling halls are famous throughout the United States.

10) University Residence Willow Street Residence Hall, New Orleans (United States)

With four independent buildings, this residence can accommodate more than 300 students in an area where fun will always be assured.

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