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Degree in Law. Professional outings

Degree in Law. Professional outings

The Degree in Law is one of those that has more professional outlets.

This is because all the situations of our day to day have one or more laws that affect or regulate them. For this reason, the person with a Degree in Law can work for both individuals and companies or offices, and this opens the door to a multitude of experiences, specialties and aspects in the exercise of their profession.

This profession is exercised by free or as a team within an office. The jurist also leaves with advantage if he wants to oppose to high positions of the country’s magistracy: as judge, this would lead him to settle cases; as a notary, to attest to contracts and wills.

From Funway Resort we want to update the professional exits with this Degree of Law.

Professional outings


You will be able to act as a lawyer and represent clients in trials, conflicts, personal management … making a career in both national and international offices or even working on your own.

Inspector of work and finances

As an inspector of labor or of finance you will have the opportunity to ensure that labor laws are complied with in the companies, in the first case, and that the citizens comply with the laws and tax commitments that we all have.

State Attorney

The Public Administration has a Superior Body of State Attorneys that you can access through oppositions. This can be your future option if you are interested in working to provide legal assistance to the entire Administration.


If you are passionate about conflict resolution and have decision-making power, the judge’s career is one of the most suitable for you. Your role will be to have an objective and global view of the case, to assess the evidence and arguments of both parties, and to issue a fair verdict and a judgment based on compliance with the laws.

Member of NGOs or Official Organizations

The Double Degree in Business Management and Law will also make you interesting in the eyes of NGOs, Public Administration and many other international organizations and institutions.

Counsel for the State Council

The Council of State is an agency to which the Government makes inquiries and has a body of lawyers to which you can also access by oppositions. In this case, your duties will be, among other things, to study, prepare and draft the projects on which the Council is consulted and must give an opinion.

 Legal adviser of company or institutions

If you like the world of business, you can offer your services in this sector: you can advise companies in compliance with laws and defend their interests in conflicts, mergers, acquisitions …


This is an interesting professional outlet if you are attracted to legal advocacy and legal issues, but you are not interested in litigation, judgment, negotiations, etc.


A prosecutor is a lawyer who, when a criminal offense is reported, is responsible for presenting the evidence before the judge for that crime to be punished. He is not a lawyer for the victim, but is a state attorney.

Property or business register

The registration of the property and the commercial register are two public institutions where you can also develop your career. They are accessed by opposition and the job is to manage the legal traffic that involves the registration of properties.

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