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The Future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing

Trying to predict the Future of Marketing is a challenge for which both the present and the future should be analyzed.

The new times are changing and with them the Marketing also, change that is taking place to adapt to the new speed of innovation. It is clear that the future is based on both the past and the present, and now the future is being forged at this very moment.

Today we can say that uncertainty is the term that best defines the present of Marketing, an uncertainty that is associated with a profound and continuous change, which often generates fears. Despite this, we must face changes as challenges, and these as opportunities that will allow us to improve in the future. We must learn to look to the future without leaving aside the challenges of the present, nor forgetting the past.

From Funway Resort student residence in Madrid we want to explain the paths that Marketing will take in the future

The Ways of Marketing

After this we can say that in the long term, Marketing will go through six paths that it has already begun to cover:

– The first path begins with Neuroscience. We must apply neuroscience to Marketing to be able to develop new tools that allow us to know the sources of behaviors, attitudes and intentions.

-The Marketing will change its role within the company. A road as exciting as it is difficult to travel, and it will be full of obstacles. It will have more and more weight in senior management and decision making. In the future, companies that do not adopt a Strategic Marketing philosophy will have difficulty maintaining their position in the market.

– The third is associated with the profiles of the profession: The marketingian is changing, he is becoming more strategist and technologist, becoming an analytical professional, oriented to results, with a vocation between Marketing and strategic direction, without ceasing to be creative and innovative.

– The fourth will be the standardization and integration of online and offline areas. All channels and technologies must be part of the same strategy, within a single plan and a single positioning.

– The fifth way indicates that Marketing is called to lead innovation within the company.

– Finally, Marketing will have to travel the path of ethics and honesty. In the future, as in the present, there is no room for unfair behavior with the client. This one deserves, and demands, that we tell him the truth.

Marketing has a bright and promising future, with many questions and challenges, but what is clear is that there are no limits, only those that we put ourselves.

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