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The latest trends in Digital Marketing

The latest trends in Digital Marketing

We can say that in the world of Digital Marketing there are no boring moments, as the technologies keep moving at a dizzying pace and with them appear new solutions to communicate more and better with our potential customers.

From Funway Resort Student Residence we want to leave you the latest trends in the world of Digital Marketing.

8 Latest Digital Marketing Trends

With so many advances, marketers have no choice but to keep abreast of what is coming …. and in addition, they must have the criterion to “filter” and distinguish passing fads from trends that can really change the landscape of Marketing Digital. Being able to get ahead of the competition and become early adopters of the solutions that matter is key to our success.

1) Native advertising

It is a fact that native advertising has become imperative for online marketers. So much so, that in 2018 will account for a quarter of online media revenue, according to a recent study by the International News Media Association and the Native Advertising Institute.

2) Content marketing, a “classic” that never fails

This discipline of Digital Marketing is based on creating a long-term relationship with the consumer, through the creation and distribution of content that is attractive and relevant. In short, this is an ongoing process that you must integrate into your overall marketing strategy.

Content marketing is the closest thing to a “universal formula” in the online marketing world.

3) Influencers, the way to reach your audience

Influencers in recent years have had an increasing weight within Digital Marketing. According to a recent IAB study, no less than 85% of users are following influencers through social media.

Influential marketing is an opportunity to create word of mouth through people that your audience already follows and admires. You have a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips, so take them!

4) Live video, an opportunity to tell stories

Users of social networks are increasingly demanding this type of content, which allows them to live real-time experiences from anywhere.

A landmark of live video has been the launch of Facebook Live. For the marketer, the possibilities of live video are almost endless. The videos connect immediately and emotionally with the user, in a much more memorable way than the simple words.

5) Chatbots, the technology that changes our conversations

Chatbots a solution that allows brands to automate customer service. Recently, Facebook has allowed to use chatbots to send advertising offers, opening a new way to do Digital Marketing until now unknown.

6) Content with expiration date

In a world saturated with noise, the ephemeral contents stand out and get our attention creating a sense of urgency: now or never! If you put an expiration date on your content, you’ll get a more authentic and more attractive brand.

7) Personalization, a priority.

Year after year, the overdose of information to which we are subject does not stop increasing. To get your audience to pay attention to you, you have to make it clear that you are targeting them and only them, creating relevant and personalized content.

8) The automation of Marketing, every day more essential

Marketing automation is increasing at a remarkably spectacular pace: 71% of companies already use this technology and 91% of the most successful marketers consider it “very important” to succeed with their multichannel strategies.

As its name implies, marketing automation uses programs to put repetitive tasks on “autopilot”, saving time and effort and eliminating the human error factor. In this way, your team can focus on creativity and strategy to achieve the best results.

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