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Student Residence or Flat Share

Student Residence or Flat Share

Student Residence or Shared Flat is a difficult and determining decision when starting an adult life.

To decide nothing better than to analyze the pros and cons of each option.

From Funway Resort Student Residence in Madrid we want to leave you the advantages that you will get when staying in a Shared Apartment or a Student Residence.

Student Residence – Advantages.

Usually, the Student Residence is close to university campuses and favors integration into university life.

It has sports facilities and services of all kinds: library, laundry, Internet, leisure rooms …

They offer full board in single or shared room. You have everything done, and you forget about shopping, food, etc.

In the Residence of Students the coexistence with other students allows you to interact daily. You are likely to share residency with people in your class with whom to resolve doubts during the study time.

The motivation will always be greater and as all other tasks are covered (you do not have to cook or clean) you can focus on the study.

Living in a Student Residence opens you to new friendships. Be more or less large, you’ll never hang out with everyone, as you would expect, but those who become your friends during that time, will be forever.

It is usually a good option for the first year, to meet people and settle in the city, and then to find a flat with those people that you already know about the Student Residence and not to do it with totally unknown ones. There may be surprises, but it’s easier to hit because you know how they behave day after day.

Shared apartment – Benefits

Shared Flat is usually cheaper

Freedom. You do not have to answer to anybody, you can enter and leave whenever you want, there are no rules nor rules. This entails a great responsibility that we must have the will and the will to assume. It is not so much, everything gets along, but you have to.

And not doing it or not organizing well brings important consequences.

In a shared flat you can take your friends, your partner, your family … Always knowing that even if you have total freedom there will be other people at home.

You learn to value other things. Your mother’s food, especially …

Hence on a mature shared flat. You must learn to live alone, to live with other people, to take your house to the day, cleaning, shopping, food, in addition to your study. It is a daily learning.

Seeing the advantages and disadvantages to which you are going to face, it is you who must decide. From Funway Resort if we can tell you that one of the most requested student accommodation options is the Student Residence

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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