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The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an exponential advance in the comfort of people, as machines are, increasingly, more capable of learning and performing tasks.

A voice generated and synthesized by computer can perfectly mimic the voice of anyone.

Among other things, by means of Artificial Intelligence, techniques for recognizing the patterns used by cybercriminals can also be improved, enabling computers to detect hackers with malicious intent even faster than people.

From Funway Resort students residence in Madrid, we want you to know in depth this monster called Artificial Intelligence that will increasingly occupy our homes, our jobs, our world.

The crimes of the future

However, much of the crimes of the future will be very similar to the scene we have just described.

In fact, “cyber crimes are being automated and their numbers are escalating exponentially,”

In recent years, ‘malware’ has evolved so much that there have been cases like ‘Blackshades’, a virus as a franchise of evil.

This system of Artificial Intelligence, designed by a Swedish hacker, was installed deep in the operating systems of thousands of computers.

Machine tools

Artificial Intelligence algorithms have such potential for development and improvement that machines begin to have Artificial Vision.

That is to say, they are already able to interpret what is in an image and to know if what is in a photo is a painting of Goya, the logo of a mark or an image of the president of the government.

If you regularly use Google Images you will have seen that there is an option that allows you to search for images by uploading files or taking a picture with your mobile phone, instead of having to search for them by writing a text.

Credit Card Recognition

Another case of artificial vision that we see more and more often is the recognition of credit cards used by Amazon and many banks.

This technology is mainly used so that we do not have to write the data of our credit card, because with putting the card in front of the phone, the application of the online store already knows that it is your card.

Acknowledgment of ‘captcha’

The negative side of the Artificial Vision comes with the malicious use that hackers can give you.

In fact, cybercriminals have long been studying how to trick the ‘captcha’, those oddly written code numbers that many websites ask you to confirm that you are a person.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that websites that use Captcha technology update the software on a very frequent basis, since if you do not change it in one or two years, it is almost certain that you will be hacked by some kind of algorithm of Artificial Vision

Speech recognition

And the same is true of systems of speech comprehension, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding. Each time we use them more and each time they help us more in our daily chores. However, criminals will be able to take advantage of new developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

In this way, voice recognition technology, such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, are already part of our day-to-day interaction with our devices while driving, or when our hands are busy.

Although unlikely, it is possible that artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to deceive this type of technology by means of software capable of imitating people’s own speech and expressions.

The future of AI

Artificial Intelligence is going to become sooner rather than later into a day-to-day reality of most people in this pose.

Therefore, it is essential that its development is carried out in a responsible manner, taking steps slowly and always thinking of anticipating possible security breaches.

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