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University Residence: Types of stays

University Residence: Types of stays

University Residence: Stays

There are 3 types of stay in our student residence in Madrid:

Short stays refer to occasional travelers, students for short periods, companions or relatives who wish to stay in the university residence for a period of less than 30 days.

Intermediate stays (between 30 and 120 days) and long stays (between 152 days and 273 days), refer to university students, postgraduate students, students of oppositions, teachers, family members or companions who wish to live in the student residence in Madrid. during the completion of their postgraduate studies or the full university course.

Not all stays in a student residence need to be long-term. There is also the possibility of doing it temporarily and even just one night, since we all do not have the same needs, nor do we move with the same periods of time, our residence Funaway gives you the opportunity to stay with us according to the time need.

Type of rooms in our residence

Single standard

With a lift bed, 1.35 m X 2.00 m, ideal for any type of person, it has total independence and will make you feel at home. It also has a private bathroom, complete, a safe and is fully air-conditioned, also has a television and a Wi-Fi connection.

Habitación individual Residencia de estudiantes

Single superior

Our Superior Single room is designed for those that require a little more space and want to feel independent in a total way. It has a wide and long bed for a better rest, 1.50 x 2.00m. It is ideal for those who ask for something more, their bathroom is also independent and complete, has plenty of natural light, air conditioning, wifi and TV.

Single Suite

With this type of room your stay will be most pleasant, highly recommended for those who need fresh air because it has a small private terrace where you can rest your eyes looking at the sky of Madrid, which is world famous for its sunsets. It has a 1.35 x 2.00m bed, interior climate control, separate bathroom, tv and wifi.

Single adapted

It is very important for us that the stay of our guests is the most comfortable possible, for that reason we always think of all the public, so we have the possibility of offering the adapted Single room. A room adapted for those who have limited mobility, thinking of them we have wanted a spacious room with a bathroom adapted to any type of need, inFunway we weigh in all.

Double room

This type of room is designed for two people, it is more spacious, with double bathroom, two beds and a large common space in which we fit a double wardrobe to meet the needs of two people at a time, ideal for those Students who come together or for what they enjoy sharing spaces. Your bathroom is also double for comfort and hygiene.

Habitación doble Residencia de estudiantes

Double room Suite

What better to share a room with an independent terrace that will give us the opportunity to give us unforgettable moments and at the same time privacy and independence that sometimes is needed when sharing a space. In addition to double independent bathroom, it has double wardrobe, wifi, air conditioning and television.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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