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5Tips to choose a Student Residence

5Tips to choose a Student Residence.

Choosing a Student Residence is one of the most important decisions.

If you are going to study outside, from Funway Resort we offer you 5 keys to choosing a Student Residence.

Many students who have to travel outside their usual place to study their university career.

It may be that the destination university is too far away to go and return every day.

In that case students have two main options: rent a flat or a room in a Student Residence.

Student Residences are often the first choice of those who have never lived alone or those who prefer comfort above all else. It is true that a student residence is more expensive, but in return we will have various services and amenities at our disposal.

1- Keys to keep in mind

These are some of the keys you should keep in mind when choosing a Student Residence

2- Near the Faculty
One of the first factors to evaluate is the place where the Student Residence is located. Ideally, be close to your Faculty, for convenience and to avoid having to spend money on transportation.

3- Amenities
You have to evaluate the amenities and services offered. Some residences give the tenant total freedom, while others offer all kinds of “predetermined” services. You will spend at least one class at the Student Residence, so choose one in which you feel at home.

4- Price
As we have said, a room in a Student Residence is more expensive than renting an apartment, but in return, we get numerous amenities.

5- Companions
The university is a stage of life in which, in addition to forming for our professional future, we meet new colleagues and friends. They are also an important factor in choosing the Student Residence, you do not want to be too far from your friends.

6-nternal standards
Each Student Residence has its own internal rules, and some are stricter than others. For example, some residences are only boys or girls, while others are mixed. Keep in mind also the schedules, as some residences have “curfew” after which you will not be able to go out or enter again. Also ask about the policy when it comes to taking guests to the room, as some are quite flexible, but in others it is totally forbidden to raise people outside the residence to the room.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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