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Study Tourism: A sector in continuous growth

Study Tourism

Employment in the tourism sector is constantly growing in Spain, so you can not pass these options to form and enter the labor market in a sector in continuous growth

Study or travel? Who said you can not do both?

Studying Tourism is one of the best options for enthusiastic travelers who enjoy meeting new places and are not afraid of unexpected travels.

From Funway Resort, Student Residence we want to update you in the Tourism sector, in which you will find a great amount of training offered by divers universities and what is more attractive, is that the work exits will be practically assured.

Within the service area, Tourism encompasses all types of knowledge necessary to develop a trip without major complications. It offers training to work in hotels, tourism companies, travel agencies and even to form a company dedicated to local or international tourism.

Generally, those who opt for this discipline must be able to handle more than one language, to communicate properly with customers.

If you are looking for a new adventure that allows you to meet people, cities and cultures completely different from yours then do not hesitate

The University of Alicante offers this degree of 240 credits in face-to-face modality that raises two distinct specializations: one dedicated to the Economy and Tourism Company, and another to the Planning and Management of Tourist Destinations.

In this degree of Tourism, there are legal and technical notions to incorporate people with disabilities into the different activities that can be done, which distinguishes it from other similar specializations.

It is intended for students looking for their vocation but also for professionals in the sector with the desire to expand their knowledge or to form themselves from a new perspective. If necessary, as would happen for professionals in the sector, the possibility of attending part-time studies is offered.

Specializations in Tourism

Master in Tourism Marketing

The University of Castilla la Mancha offers this course in online mode of 60 credits with which it intends to train specialists capable of managing marketing activities in companies in the tourism sector. The knowledge provided will enable the student to apply to the company the techniques related to the care of the corporate image, their presence on the internet and fundamentally in social networks; in other aspects. The Master is intended for university graduates and tourism professionals who want to improve their knowledge. Those students who do not have a university degree can participate in the Master’s Degree and acquire an Expert Degree in Tourism Marketing.

Specialization in Sports Tourism Management

This course of 30 credits in the blended mode of Ramon Llull University focuses on Sports Tourism and the growing importance of a developing sector, which every day adds more fans and creates new jobs. This specialization admits the access of university graduates of Tourism, but also of graduates in Physical Activity and Sports, Business Administration and Management, Marketing, etc.

Master in Tourism Management and Consulting

The University of León proposes the possibility of performing this Master’s degree for 2 years in a distance mode, allowing students from all over the country to access this degree. The particularity of this Master is that it focuses on leadership and management techniques, focused on the Tourism sector but also applicable to other disciplines. In addition, it proposes a customizable design, in which the student can choose what he wants to attend and thus adapt his studies to his personal or business needs. It allows access to employment opportunities in the tourism industry, but also in the travel and transportation industry.

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