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How to choose a University Residence

How to choose a University Residence

You have decided to move to a University Residence. You have done it because you have chosen that the advantages of living in a residence are greater than those of a shared apartment, and that its possible disadvantages are also minor.

Well now is the time to choose the University Residence that better goes with you, because they are not all the same, far from it.

For this from Funway University Residence of Madrid we give you some small tips.

When choosing University Residence, you have to look at much more than the price. It is about choosing a place to live, where you will spend many hours, you will rest, you will study, you will eat and it is very possible that you make friendships that will mark you for a lifetime. So you have to choose with good criteria what will be the scenario of all that and which place meets the best conditions.

The situation of the University Residence

Living in the center makes it easier for you every day, and makes you feel even more part of the university world. And if, above, your faculty is in the center, then complete triumph, and if not, you will have a perfect combination of transportation.

The food of the University Residence

It’s fundamental. Either you throw good “petrol” to the body, or you will not be at the top to perform at this university stage. The food of the University Residence has to be good, yes or yes ..

The facilities for the study

Do you prefer to study in your room, or are you more of a library? It would be a very good idea to go and live in a University Residence that has a library or study rooms. If you go to the library to study, you will study. And if you can do it in the same place where you live, much better. And if in the residence as well as the library there are rooms for group work, well, great.

Your room

Individual or double? With bathroom in the room, or does it matter to you to be shared (cheaper price)? You choose, within the available budget, how you need to be your room. Yes, please, have good access to the Internet.

More facilities of the University Residence

A good room to watch TV, rooms to relax and talk, or even gambling rooms can be part of the facilities of a good university residence. Having vending machines is also a good idea, for those long study nights …

The schedules

You can prefer a free schedule, that each one enters and leaves at the time that you want, or maybe a set schedule so that the rest is respected to the maximum.

The rules

They are for something: so that all residents live at ease, without bothering each other, and can achieve their goals in their university stage.


There is something even more important than all of the above, and we have left it for the end. In your University Residence you will meet people who will become part of your life, probably in a very important part of you.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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