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Degree in Criminology

Degree in Criminology

The Degree in Criminology aims to train professionals to tackle crime properly and correctly.

Criminology is a multidisciplinary science dedicated to the study of crime, the offender, the victim and social control as well as the processes of infraction of the norms and the reactions to said infractions.

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Due to the complexity of the criminal phenomenon it is necessary to approach its study from different areas, law, psychology, sociology, social research methods, which will allow interdisciplinary training that will provide the necessary tools and knowledge to students to analyze the criminality in an integral manner, as an individual event and as a social phenomenon.

Studies in Criminology

The Criminology studies acquire a special importance due to the complexity of the criminal phenomenon, to what is added nowadays, with the globalization and the innovation in the technologies and forms of communication, new forms of criminality to which the Criminology lends a special attention such as international criminality, international organizations, the fight against organized crime, cybercrime and computer security.

What does the Degree in Criminology provide?

The Degree in Criminology provides students with the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to carry out a thorough and precise analysis of the causes of crime and, based on this knowledge, develop effective crime prevention and control programs.

The Degree in Criminology offers theoretical and practical training to train criminologists in the interdisciplinary knowledge of crime and the attainment of practical skills for the proper performance of the profession.

The design of the studies offers the possibility of obtaining a generic training without mention, in which case, the students will take 30 credits of optional subjects that can be chosen among all the offered, and the possibility of specializing, for this three mentions are offered, Mention in criminal sciences, Mention in social criminology and Mention in psychology of delinquency, to obtain one of the mentions, students will have to take 30 optional credits in the subjects offered in each of the mentions.

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