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What is and is not the Digital Transformation

What is and is not the Digital Transformation

Database, Cloud, e-commerce, Digital Transformation, are some of the new terms that have appeared fruit of the technological revolution. Today’s companies are certain that they are the first to experience the practices that work under this term.

But like everything, there is a little confusion and confusion around this term, so from Funway Resort , we want to clarify a bit about Digital Transformation, that new business opportunity that still has much future and will give much of that talk.

Now you know what Digital Transformation is and is not.

Digital transformation is the new business strategy opportunities that arise through the emergence of technologies.

Also, this change is not only technological but also brings with it new skills both in physical persons and in the reinvention of organizations that affect the traditional global market. It is not focused on the technology used (Big Data, cloud, Internet of things, mobility, social business) but in using it to achieve the objectives set. Digital transformation will be linked to business objectives and strategies.

In companies, the key to the business plan is digital transformation, as estimated by 66% of CEOs according to data published by the consulting firm IDC.

Spanish corporations that have immersed themselves in the digitalis register a sales increase of 39% and demonstrate higher values ​​to countries like France, Germany or United Kingdom according to a study of CA Technologies.

What are the advantages of Digital Transformation?

The key to the organization is to see digital transformation as an opportunity to combine practices and ways of doing that result in new techniques and skills.

  • Generates new customer experiences
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Generate new sources of income
  • Rapid response to changes in the market
  • Create a competitive advantage for the organization.
  • It drives the culture of innovation within the organization.
  • Improves internal collaboration.
  • Deepens data analysis (Big Data).

What is not digital transformation?

Your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook is not synonymous with digitization. The transformation goes beyond having a simple online business and using the image of your brand through a web. This new panorama full of opportunities entails a complete transformation in the organization and culture of the companies in each department. The digital transformation:

  • It is not a CRM
  • It is not to computerize the processes of the company
  • It is not digital marketing
  • Not an online store
  • It is not harassing customers with banners

It is an undeniable fact that both companies, workers and consumers have changed their behavior. The consumer, who is intended to please, has more and more information, decision-making power and information channels from which, until recently, only brands were available. The customer seeks to be more and more connected, to interact more and to trust the brand that provides fidelity. For this, workers and company change technologically and culturally to adapt to the new demands of the client.

The transformation has to do with the value of services, the improvement of the business model, innovation, differentiation and strengths.

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