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Human Resources, Basic Objectives and Functions

Human Resources

In business administration we can say that Human Resources (HR) is called the work that contributes all employees or collaborators of an organization, although it is true that the most frequent is to call the system or management process Which is responsible for selecting, hiring, training, hiring and retaining staff of the organization.

From Funway Resort we want to clarify some concepts to know both the real objective and the functions of Human Resources.

Basic objective

The basic objective is to align the area or professionals,Human Resources . With the strategy of the organization, which will allow implementing the organizational strategy through the people, who are considered as the only living and effective resources capable of leading to organizational success and facing the challenges that are perceived today in world competition .

It should be noted that people and human resources are not managed, but are administered with people, seeing them as active and proactive agents endowed with intelligence, innovation, creativity and other skills.

Usually the Human Resources function is composed of areas such as recruitment and selection, hiring, training, administration or management of the personnel during the stay in the company.

Those who are in charge of managing the human resources area must be able to link the concerns of the workers and the interests of the company in order to achieve a benefit and work balance for both parties.

From what we said about the importance of people as driving forces within the company in terms of growth and development, for some years, different universities or centers of higher education have incorporated to their academic offer courses, diplomas, or full bachelor’s degrees The study of the area of ​​human resources and the training of professionals suitable to work in these areas within organizations. Together with management, merchandising, marketing, corporate communication and corporate social responsibility, it forms the set of so-called “business sciences”.

5 Key Functions of Human Resources

Recruitment and selection. Attracting the right people to grow the company is more than filling a specific position quickly.

Induction. In order for employees who join the company to feel welcome and able to render their positions, it is necessary to accompany them during the first few days. Transmit the culture of the company, introduce the rest of the team,

Training. Individuals who are part of the organization may require additional training to perform their duties better.

Remunerations. More than the definition of salaries and their liquidation according to the corresponding agreements and norms, this function should contemplate that the compensations are maintained equitable, they reflect results and they help to maintain the motivation.

Motivation and work environment. Developing a sense of belonging, leadership, initiative and commitment of employees with the company is a mission that should not be left to chance.

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