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The 20 highest paid professions in the world

The 20 highest paid professions in the world

If you are considering a future and you think that it is best to have a well-paid future, you can not miss the information that Funway Resort University Residency lets you next.

Paramedical director, airplane pilot, lawyer, sales director, engineer or physician are some of the professions that are among the 20 highest paid in the world.

When looking for a job, salary is one of the aspects that we pay the most attention. Among the best paid professions there are some well known, others not so much because they are new or because in Spain they are not very common; So be very careful because we are going to discover the 20 highest paid professions in the world.

Now, the 20 highest paid professions in the world, don´t miss it!

  1. Paramedical Director: € 160,000 per year

What is probably the best paid profession in the world has not yet arrived in Spain, but is very common in North American countries.

  1. CEO: € 130,000 per year

Another of the best paid professions in the world very common in foreign companies but that, unlike the paramedical directors, little by little makes way in Spain

  1. Marketing Manager: € 120,000 per year

They are responsible for the development and execution of marketing strategies of companies; And its work depends on the company to grow and reach as far as possible.

  1. Broker: € 110,000 per year

Whoever has read ‘The Wall Street Wolf’ or has seen the movie will know that the stockbrokers have a stratospheric profit.

  1. Commercial aircraft pilot: € 70,000-200,000 per year

Although it appears in fifth place, it could well be higher on the list since the pilot’s salary depends on factors such as the airline, the position-pilot, co-pilot, commander-, experience and flight times, etc.

  1. Lawyer: € 95,000 per year

The lawyers could not be absent from the highest paid professions, although not all have astronomical salaries. Half way, everything starts at the law school.

  1. Business psychologist: € 90,000 per year

These are workers with a double mission: to evaluate the potential candidates to get a job in the company and on the other to analyze the workers that are in staff,

  1. Doctor (according to specialty)

The salary depends on the specialty and the position, so even if we put it in eighth place it could perfectly well be higher.

  1. Credit risk portfolio analyst: € 65,000- € 80,000 per year

They are in charge of measuring the risk of all investment options, and lead a team composed of other analysts with a salary lower than the 65,000 or 80,000 euros earned by these analysts.

  1. Financial Advisor: € 60,000-120,000 per year

In the private sector, any financial adviser can easily pocket € 80,000 a year, to which they add bonuses and commissions.

  1. JAVA Programmer: € 70,000 per year

The professions related to communication and new technologies are booming, and their salaries are still firing.

  1. Radiologist: € 70,000 per year

One version of the doctors are diagnostic radiologists, that is, the professionals who are responsible for making us X-rays or MRIs.

  1. Industrial plant engineer: € 70,000 per year

Among all the engineers, the best paid in Europe are those of plant or industrial. Among its occupations are the organization of the industrial warehouses and their machinery, dealing with the manufacturing programs and finally guaranteeing the quality of the product that is manufactured in the plant.

  1. Sanitary market access: € 50,000- € 75,000 per year

They are the professionals that are in charge to study the operation of the groups of influence in the pharmaceutical sector, following the products from the beginning of the investigation until the sale.

  1. Retail manager: € 50,000- € 70,000 per year

We are facing another ideal profession for university graduates in economics related careers, where English is an essential element in reaching the highest salary scales.

  1. Logistics Operations Manager: € 50,000- € 70,000 per year

Logistics operations managers are responsible for managing warehousing and product management, in addition to their shipments at the lowest possible cost while maintaining quality. With masters in logistics and distribution are the ideal candidates.

  1. Responsible for business intelligence: € 60,000 per year

They are responsible for transforming raw data into information useful for the company’s business purposes. Again, university degree is required to pursue a profession that also requires experience in team management.

  1. Sales Director: € 50,000- € 60,000 per year

Another of the professions with more future for the next years is the director of sales.

  1. Engineer (according to specialty)

Behind the plant or industrial engineers are those related to renewable energy projects and other green jobs that have so much capacity to generate employment. His annual salary is over 75,000 euros, ahead of production managers (about 70,000), office technicians or quality (with salaries ranging from 45,000 to 65,000 euros).

  1. Key account manager of new technologies: € 40,000- € 60,000 per year

Its mission is to grow the sales of a company thanks to the new technological tools, for which they must contact with the high positions of the companies of the clients and position his own in the market.

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