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Tips for doing a good exam

The best tips to do a good exam

Exams are difficult times for students. Stress, anxiety and nerves take over you. Today from Funway we want to give you tips for doing a good exam.

Tips for doing a good exam:

Make sure you have everything you need

Nerves can play tricks on you. That’s why we advise you to leave everything prepared the night before. And just in case, before leaving home, revisit it again.

Try to calm down, don´t get nervous

It’s easy to say. If necessary, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Surely you’re calmer and you can give yourself the best. Remember that you have spent a lot of time studing and you have the knowledge to approve it. A positive thought will help you to make everything go smoothly.

Take the time before answering the questions

Read carefully all the questions and make a small outline of what you should answer, that will help you to organize and answer everything better.

Start with those questions that you know best

Our advice is to start with those questions that you know best. It isn´t any good to get stuck with some that you either do not know or do not dominate like the rest. You will lose time that you will surely need to complete the exam later.

Get to the point

Don´t count things that are not asking you. Answer what they ask, I assure you that teachers don´t like to waste time on things that they aren´t asking.

Write clear and orderly

It is very important that you plan well and that you do an ordered exam. Express your ideas clearly and write with the best letter. A teacher always appreciates it and if you are missing those decimillas the will give you it for sure.

Review before delivering

Sometimes when you finish an examen you realize that something you answer was wrong. So that it does not happen to you, in the last 5 minutes do a general review of everything. You never know if you could forget something.

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