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Success a type test exam

Do you want to successfully pass a type test exam?

More and more teachers choose to take test-type exams. It is very normal to find them in subjects of oppositions or master. From Funway we give you some tricks to success a type test exam.

One thing is clear, apart from the tricks it is necessary to study and know the subject. You can get lucky once but the probability of getting a second success without studying is one in a million.

First of all we recommend that you answer all the questions that you know and don´t waste time in which you have doubts. Leave those to the end .

Tips to success a type test exam:

If you find a question with misspellings, the answer is false

Usually the questions are often repeated years after years and are usually taken out of the notes, so it will always be much harder for the correct answer to have some spelling mistake.

Always apply the theory of discards

If you have doubts about which is the correct answer, it plays to the theory of discards. There is always one that will work for you.

Before answering observe the answers and later

The test questions are often asked by teachers. They usually mix true answers with false ones. It is very rare that two consecutive questions are false or true.

If one of the questions is longer than the rest, it is the true one

They say that the teachers who create the test questions should make sure that the correct answers are perfect, for that they usually use longer sentences. If you do not know the answer, try the longest, you have nothing to lose.

If the word never appears or is always always false

It is very normal that in the answers of this type of exams never something 100% certain. Normally there are always exceptions so try to validate all those answers that contain the words mentioned above.

If one of the answers contains a number that is false

For a teacher it´s very easy to put a number in an answer to make it wrong.

From Funway we hope you find our advice useful, but do not forget that luck does not always exist, you need to study to get the best results.

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