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The Post Is Yours. Tips To Face A Job Interview

The Post Is Yours. Tips To Face A Job Interview

At Funway Resort we know that the important thing is the future, and in it is implicit the professional development, so if you are looking for work in this moment in which the labor uncertainty seems to be the daily tonic, we want you to come to that job interview Prepared and leave knowing that the post is yours!

Funway Resort offers some essential tips to face that decisive moment.

Apart from things that we take for granted, how to get there in time for the job interview, which will help to calm your anxiety and have a better idea of ​​the environment you are going to face, from Funway Resort we want to give you some tips that will help you To the position is yours:

  • Note: If you are late for a job interview, avoid typical excuses: traffic, car breakdown … etc … These excuses today are no longer credible and would discredit you.

Now, let’s go with our Tips:

Find out about the company.

The information is power and the more information you have about the type of company that is and what the company is looking for, the better you can adapt your answers and highlight the competencies that best fit the position. In most cases, no matter how well your resume is written, you must be able to demonstrate that your experience fits the competencies and qualities you are seeking.

Do not go ahead and shake hands

Avoid extending your hand in the first place, give this position to your interviewer, because this will denote respect, prudence and education. The ideal position is to keep a reasonable distance between you and the interviewer’s table, this distance will avoid temptations such as leaning on the table, an attitude not suitable for a job interview.

Do not be in a hurry to talk

Try not to fall because of the nerves in wanting to talk a lot, now you must worry not to speak much, but to speak well.

Focus on listening carefully to your interviewer, sometimes the most information is between the lines.

Be wary of relaxed and familiar surroundings.

At first they can be generated to try to relax and discover some of your skills, do not let your guard down, sometimes creating such environments is aimed at the candidate relax and say things that maybe in another situation would not say.

Remarque your training, experience and result of your work

Speak when you have a chance on how you will succeed in the position for which you are seeking a candidate. It refers to what you can contribute to the company and how you can excel and excel, this way you will also get more information about the position to make sure it is right for you.

Shows interest in the professional development of the company

For this, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about the company prior to the job interview. This is the ideal time to demonstrate what can be your successful contribution in that professional development based on your knowledge of both the company and the sector.

Finally Funway Resort offers some final tips for success to be yours:

Do not speak badly about the companies in which you have worked, do not refuse to answer questions, never answer with monosyllables, argue your answers, do not ask for work, respond with questions about your personal life, sell your image, persuade and Demonstrate a personality that is overwhelming enough to win you the job and the position will be yours!

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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