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The importance of leisure and rest


The study is comparable to a career in the background. You have to be able to maintain a good pace of work for a long time.

We could say that it looks more like a marathon than a speed test.

In order to achieve the stipulated goals, it is necessary to remain in perfect health, an aspect in which the rest and leisure play a fundamental role

A student should plan their activity so that they have time to study, but also to rest and enjoy.

It is fundamental to know how to disconnect from work, to have other incentives.

How to improve your performance?

The day has many hours and you can do many things, it’s just a matter of organization. One might be surprised at what can become a day if you know how to take advantage of it, if absurd losses of time are avoided.

During the time of study (these 2 or 3 hours a day) you must set up regular breaks to clear yourself and take new strength for the next “assault”.

Each hour you can set a brief break of 5 minutes.

There are students who do not make these short stops thinking that this way they use more time, but it happens just, on the contrary, they inadvertently accumulate tiredness, significantly reducing their level of performance.

You can do some relaxing activity, for this Funway Resort student residence offers you a wide variety of relaxing activities. You can talk about our spa, our gym, our leisure room, our swimming pools, etc. Activities that require little mental effort and will help you recharge energy.

It is necessary to avoid to carry out some activity that one likes especially (for example, to see part of the game of soccer that they retransmit by the television) since it would cost much to return to the work again.

The student must be very rigorous in the fulfillment of the rest time not prolonging it nor one minute more than the established one.

If during the work session you feel very tired, you see that it yields little, it is preferable to stop, even if the daily hours of study have not been completed. If you later feel fresher you will be able to continue with your work, and if you do not have to recover the lost hours another day. What you should not do is force your mind.

The hours of sleep (minimum 7, preferably 8) are “sacred”. You can not sacrifice yourself thinking that you resist well and can study more because it ends up taking a toll.

In an imperceptible way the student accumulates tiredness and the intellectual performance is reduced considerably.

At Funway Resort students residence you will find the best rest for your body and your mind, since our rooms are perfectly equipped to provide you with a refreshing rest of energies.
Come in and join us. You are at home.


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