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MIR in Private Health



The MIR is a unique moment for the life of any doctor. The variables that are handled are many. From the location, geographic location where this specialized training is practiced, to the specialty itself.

Obviously, we look basically at specialty and then location. There are people who do not rent their city for different reasons, but there is another to which. If you are one of the people that rent to move you of your city, Funway Resort of Madrid offers you an indisputable quality guarantee so that your stay in the development of the MIR is as satisfying as you want.

From the Funway Resort student residence in Madrid, we want to expand the information on the private offer to exercise the MIR.

MIR in Private Health

In the private offer, what is tried is, first, to carry the project with great enthusiasm, and to try to offer the future residents the best. It is also true that you play with a certain advantage, because not having so many residents, you can offer, within the few specialties that have been accredited, the best professionals and all the time they need in terms of training.

The private offer offers greater job stability. This is one of the advantages that the MIR offers to pursue its specialty in private centers. The smaller presence of residents makes it possible for health centers to have greater flexibility to hire talent and to keep in the organization the doctors who, for years, have trained and who have witnessed their evolution and professional performance. However, opponents of a MIR place admit that there is a great lack of knowledge of the private centers.

The truth is that we do not have the private very present when choosing a place. When you look at the smaller numbers of the MIR, they always choose a public hospital, such as Gregorio Marañón, or Ramón y Cajal (Madrid). Going to a private hospital is usually an alternative.

It follows, therefore, that ignorance by the private is important.

Given the lack of information, we do not have that much vision of whether there are many pros or cons. However, it attracts from the public system that, even though a little assistance burden helps tutoring, the high burden of care assures you that at some point you will learn. That is, everything is valued as a balance, because there are still no positive sides and negative sides.

Although one of the positive sides of exercising in the private area and getting around your city is probably that your accommodation can be in the university residence Funway Resort of Madrid in which you will find all the amenities to develop your activity as your leisure time.

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