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Channels, utilities and areas of application of non-verbal language

Non-Verbal Language

Non-verbal language has the same or more importance in communication than verbal language, so from Funway Resort students residence we want to show you what their channels, their utilities and their areas of application

The 7 channels of body language

Non-verbal behavior is expressed mainly through seven channels which, together with verbal discourse, make up the communication:

These channels are: Facial expressions; Gestures; Postures; Appearance; Haptics; Proxémica; Body Language and Paralanguage.

Other channels such as chronemic and occult are specialized in the value that time and gaze have in non-verbal communication, although both are characterized by their transversality and are present in most of the seven main channels.

The seven uses of body language

The influence of non-verbal behavior on human interaction is indisputable. The mastery of body language is especially useful in some functions of socialization. These are just a few:

Communicate our identity, Inform about our ability to relate; Achieve precision and understanding; Manage interaction; Transmit emotions and feelings; Influence others and ourselves and produce deception.

The 7 main areas of application of body language

The mastery of nonverbal behavioral techniques has application in all areas of knowledge, and in any field of private and professional life. These are just some of the areas of application, where it is especially effective:

Communication and personal relationships; Teaching and training; Health and therapy; Security and forensic techniques; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Marketing and customer service; Human resources and selection of personnel.

In conclusion

It is true that you can not know what a person thinks through his non-verbal behavior, but body language allows us to know how he feels, what traits dominate his personality, what his intentions are, in summary gives us information that sometimes is a lot More valid than the one they give us their words. As with verbal communication, we must be very precise in the expression of our own body language, and flexible in the interpretation of others, always conditioned by a diversity of intrinsic and environmental factors that sometimes escape our ability to perceive.

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