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Business Opportunities : What are the jobs ?

Business Opportunities : What are the jobs ?

The future is full of business opportunities for companies, but also revolutionary and curious job offers for workers.

From Funway Resort, we want to give you some small clues about which will be the jobs that will most triumph in the future.

Business opportunities 2020

Expert in 3D printers: In the middle of the fifteenth century the German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing of moving types causing a real revolution. Six centuries later, a similar situation is foreseen with the popularization of 3D printers that allow to create pieces for all types of products: from aircraft to weapons and even houses and cars.

It will arrive in 2020 and you will need to study industrial, physical and chemical engineering.

Tele-Surgeon: The advancement of technology will allow remote surgery to be performed as a routine. With the help of robotic arms and sensory instruments, tele-surgeons – physicians with knowledge in robotics and telecommunications – will be able to operate thousands of kilometers

It will arrive in 2020 and you will need to study medicine, robotics, biotechnology.

Privacy Manager: All our actions and decisions leave a fingerprint; Something that could take advantage of the cyberlinquentes to invade our privacy. Privacy managers will see if we are ‘vulnerable’ on the network and help us become almost ‘invisible’.

It will arrive in 2020 and you will need to study Sociology, communication, expert in social networks.

Technological psychologist: There will be more people who can not live without being aware of the mobile, email or social networks. In short, dependence on new technologies will provoke a series of psychic and physical disorders that can only be treated with the help of these specialized psychologists.

It will arrive in 2020 and you will need to study psychology, psychiatry, coaching.

Business opportunities 2025

Broker in digital currency: There are currently virtual currencies only used on the Internet and have no support from any government, such as Bitcoin, will become increasingly important as an alternative to traditional money for all types of transactions over the Internet. Also, in the future there will be specialized brokers in investments and operations with this type of digital currencies.

It will arrive in 2025 and you will need to study Economics, Finance, Stock Market.

Business opportunities 2030

Avatars Designer: Avatars designers will use our body as a ‘virtual mold’ and will turn us into holograms-three-dimensional optical imagery. The University of Arizona has carried out an investigation in which it has managed to create a system of distance communication based on 3D images: thus, we will be able to chat face to face with the avatar of a person … that is thousands of km Away.

It will arrive in 2030 and you will need to study Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Computer Science.

Alongside these jobs there are many others who will position themselves strongly in a future type: Virtual Teacher, Food Chemist, Application Designer, Nanomedical, Genetic Physician, Internet Mechanic of Things, Gerontological Expert, Cyber ​​Lawyer, etc.

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