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Tips for Facing University Life

Tips for Facing University Life

Whether you are facing La Vida Universitaria, or if you are going to face it soon, from Funway Resort, Residencia Universitaria Madrid, we want to leave you some tips in the form of tips to make it easier:

– Establish contact and seek the opinion of well-known people who already study the university careers that could become your option.


– Find out more about the Curriculum. You can inform yourself through the Teams of the Dean and the address of the Centers, the web or briefings


– Always use the Academic Regulations, in which the rights and duties are clearly specified.

– Read carefully the teaching guides of the different subjects; Will allow you to know the contents, methodology and evaluation process, among others.


– Consult all the doubts, for that uses the tutorials (face-to-face and online). Turn to the reference teacher to clarify everything that you consider pertinent. Do not leave any doubt in the backpack.


– Ask questions in class. To think “I do not understand” should never serve as an excuse.


– Combine the study with sport and healthy eating, and sleep the necessary hours.


– Explore your interests, expectations, qualities, etc. Start your future project, it is your professional project … Leave it in writing! You’ll see how it contributes to decision making.


– Develop creativity, reflexive processes, critical thinking and applied. Research, have an entrepreneurial spirit.


– Enjoy the University. Develop an adequate motivation that allows you to positively value your university experience.


Although it may not seem easy, University Life will be one of the most important stages of life that will mark much of your future career, but also your character and values, so do not hesitate to live it intensely.

At Funway Resort Residencia Universitaria Madrid you will find everything you need for this period to become something that marks your future very positively.

Come in and join us. You are at home.

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