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How Predictive Intelligence Is Used

How Predictive Intelligence Is Used

Computer aides such as Siri and Cortana are the most visible use of natural language processing today and the use of predictive intelligence.

Some companies have poured a lot of resources into these developments as it relates to searches, allowing us to write or ask a natural question and receive a relevant response.

Several services and platforms also use natural language processing to create predictive text responses to, for example, their clients’ emails, or messages on social networks, allowing users to choose between one of three responses and Reply to an email or message with a single click.

You may even have used this processing, such as when you wanted to use the “translate” option within a social network or search service to understand a foreign language (with variable results).

Reliable machine translation has been a goal of natural language processing since the 1950s, and results have been improving over time.

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