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The most in demand professionals in 2017

The most in demand professionals in 2017

If you are thinking that studying for a future job and your demand, from Funway Resort we want to update the most demanded professional sectors in 2017 and most likely will be in later years.

We can say that 2017 is characterized by the active search for new talents, an increase in salaries and a need for companies to advance in their digitization.

In a market where there is more and more competition, companies begin to value talent, training and specialization in specific areas, but also the management of communicative skills, management skills and knowledge of languages. To highlight in 2017 not only belong to a particular item but keep up despite the competition.

We can therefore say that the sector that will be booming in 2017 is the technology sector. So in general terms we can say that all technological professions will stand out, but at the same time they will also play a key role those that use technology, even to perform small tasks.

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