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MBA Program

Don´t you know the content of an executive MBA program yet?

The key factors of an Executive MBA are usually divided into content, teacher who is going to impart the syllabus and number of sessions per module of content.

Today from Funway we define the contents of an executive MBA. This particular one is formed by 9 modules. Each session lasts 2 and a half hours.

Content Executive MBA:

Economic Environment Module

Its duration is 6 sessions where the macro economic markers are studied and analyzed and the international economic activity is reviewed.

Leader plus management of people and teams

It takes 15 sessions where the patterns and behaviors to lead teams of people are studied.

Corporate Finance

Its duration is 32 sessions and it studies financial accounting, analytics and reporting.

Business Management and Marketing

Its duration is 17 sessions and they prepare the student to study market research and marketing in companies.

Operations and Logistics Management

Its duration is 12 sessions and gives you the tools and knowledge necessary for good project management and control of the production, purchasing and logistics departments.

Digital Transformation

Its duration is 10 sessions. This module prepares the student to face the new technology at the enterprise level. Big Data, Agile Business …

International Business Management

Its duration is 5 sessions. This module offers a complete training for the management and development of international business.

Strategic direction

Its duration is 6 sessions. Fundamentally to create the annual strategic lines of a company or organization.

Final project

The students will have to present a project individually or in group, generally create a Start-Up.

The content of any type of Master or Postgraduate Course is fundamental when choosing which to do. With this example of the different modules that make up a MBA you can know that Master has quality content.

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