The best student residence in Madrid

An unusual complex in the heart of Madrid.

Pleasant stays ideal for your well-being

Our rooms ensure your rest, comfort and
well-being with a unique modern style.

Rooms adjusted 100% to your needs

Designed exclusively for your well-being,
spacious and very bright

Novel accommodation

A very novel concept in student accommodation
with an environment closer to that of a hotel.

Wide spaces for study

Our facilities are prepared to welcome university students,
people sitting state exams, Masters or postgraduate students, teachers
or lecturers from anywhere in the world.

Shared areas

Multiple places in which to relax, mingle and enjoy.


Leisure spaces in which you can share
your leisure time, play, sport or mingle.


Shared spaces ideal for relaxation.

Cooking Lounge

Sometimes cooking is relaxing. You may want
to surprise a guest or your colleagues with a recipe
from your home city or country.

Restaurant Cafeteria

Large dining area with a Mediterranean and international menu.
Healthy, fresh food, providing the energy required for study.

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The best residence for university students in Madrid

Student accommodation with services worthy of a five-star hotel, in the heart of the city of Madrid. Ideal for short-term (even single days), intermediate and long-term (academic year) stays. Look no further. You’ve come home.

We also offer the option of daily accommodation and/or stays of less than 1 month.


We place at your disposal all the services that may be required in an academic environment: classrooms, library, coworking room, reprographic room, auditorium, wifi etc...


Sharing is part of the Mediterranean lifestyle and there is no better time to do it than during meals in our restaurant café or in our Cooking Lounge.


We offer you multiple venues to relax, mingle or simply enjoy life: terraces, ping pong, gym, TV room, spa, recreation room, social room, heated pool etc.

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Reservations for the 2023/2024 academic year

Limited places

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Maximum Comfort, Well-being and Flexibility

A unique, sustainable, environment to study, share and enjoy. Ideal for short or long stays.

A versatile space 100% tailored to you

Spectacular, spacious, bright facilities, rooms and services tailored to your requirements.

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An exclusive environment with unique benefits.

All the services of our student residence
are designed so that you don't miss anything.

15 reasons to book your accommodation with us

Unique resort

Funway Academic Resort is unique. Student accommodation with services worthy of a five-star hotel, in the heart of the city of Madrid.

All expenses included

Internet access via cable and wifi, gas, electricity, water and heating. All expenses included so you only have to worry about studying.

Private bathroom

All rooms have a fully equipped private bathroom with marble finish.

Outdoor and indoor pools

We have a rooftop pool, from where you can see the special skyline of Madrid while basking in the sun in a hammock. And if the weather is not favourable, you can take a swim in our heated pool.

Restaurant & Cooking Lounge

To make meals at your own rhythm, this student residence offers two options: a pre-prepared menu or the utensils to cook your own meal.

Sustainable residence

The entire residence has geothermal climatisation, taking advantage of the natural heat of the earth and thermodynamic panels, a source of sustainable energy.


You have your own parking space in the building´s private car park, so you can enjoy the city comfortably. Direct access to your room from the car park.


Our washers and dryers leave your clothes in the same state as if you were at home. You can do your laundry yourself or allow us to do it for you.

Social and leisure spaces

We offer you a wide range of venues where you can have fun and develop social relationships with other students.

Personalised services

You will be able to hire the services of a personal trainer who will get you in shape and a physical therapist to prevent injury. Also try our language classes and complete your education.

24-hour security

Video surveillance cameras connected to the National Police.
Concierge and Reception Service always available and rooms with safes.

Rooms adapted to your needs

Concebidos exclusivamente para o seu bem-estar: single standard, single suite, single superior, single adaptado, duplo standard e duplo superior.

Gym & Spa

Funway student residence features a student-only gym, with a spa area, sauna and Turkish bath.

Chill out

There are Chill Out spaces throughout our residence where you can mingle: we have taken care of the outdoor area so you can enjoy it to the full, enabling various spaces where you can take a breather while having a refreshing drink.

An ideal academic environment

Our facilities are equipped with all the services that may be required in an academic environment: study rooms, library, coworking areas etc...

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Photo gallery

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Residencia Universitaria Madrid


We can explain and describe the virtues of our student residence as much as we like, but the best thing, the thing closest to our heart, is the comments of those who one day passed through the residence and enjoyed its advantages.

My cousin recommended it to me because I am an amateur cook and in the Funway Student Residence you have some top-notch kitchens at your disposal. I thought I was going to find a couple of electric cookers and little else. My mind was blown when I saw those stoves. I became famous for my vegetable lasagnes and chocolate coulant. - Blanca Guisasola

I didn’t know if it was a good idea to share a room, but as soon as I arrived at the Student Residence my fears disappeared, that room was better than I could imagine, bright, clean and comfortable. My roommate turned out to be in the same film school as me and today we have set up a production company together. Our first short film was shot at the residence using a mobile phone! - Daniel Varo.

For a sports lover like me, finding yourself in a student residence with a complete gym, heated pool and sauna is indescribable. I met people from all over the world, I still keep in touch with them and we still laugh remembering fun times. - Valentín Esclusa.

My intention was to study in Madrid and I needed a residence in the centre to stay in, I love living the city life and the Funway student residence allowed me to do that, it´s very well connected to the city and its surroundings, I hate wasting time on public transport and I love walking everywhere. - Alejandra Segovia.

I came from my village to Madrid, at first, I was a little bit lost, I had come to study the design of ephemeral structures, but everything went smoothly. I stayed in a room with a terrace and enjoyed it every day, even when it rained, because sitting watching the rain running down the windows of my room opened my mind to new creative ideas for my projects. Today I live in Amsterdam and I miss every corner of the residence. - Patricia Fonseca.

Since I went through the Residence my life changed for the better, I became friends with people who had the same concerns as me, I passed my state exams almost without realising it, and what's even better, I met the woman of my life in that residence. Today, I’m writing to you holding our son in my arms. Thanks for changing my life. - Jesús Carrera.

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